Light Blowing 

ph. Valentina Cunja 

Light Blowing pushes the boundaries of

glass lighting design by encouraging cooperation activities between international designer,

local Venetian maestros and companies,

acting and serving as a driving force

for new ideas and collections.


Exhibition & Services

Stellar Collection by Furthermore

Light Blowing 

“An impossible gesture, a skill, a puff of magical air, an illumination, in which light and glass take shape together”

Ilaria Ruggiero, co–curator of Light Blowning. 

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The Exhibition

Light Blowing is a pivotal moment in the international design scenario for the presentation of unpublished collections of glass lighting design, in addition to those collections created in Murano through virtuous collaborations between local Masters and international designers. 

The Past

On the occasion of the first edition of The Venice Glass Week Light Blowing presented the richness and complexity of lighting production in hand blown glass today. The exhibition included nine of the world’s best glass artisans and took place on the occasion of the launch of the new and revolutionary space Murano Gallery LUab 4.0.

Super Strong Lamp by Doris Darling
Ph. Valentina Cunja


Light Blowing is supported by an international team of professionals working on the lighting design field from different perspectives.

The whole team is focused on the development of the entire production chain, from creation to distribution.



Light Blowing offers different services tailored for the multiple clients as designers, brands and glass artists.

Ph. Valentina Cunja