Samantha Punis

In charge of AtemporaryStudio design department - communication and advisory studio in the field of design and contemporary art co-founded together with Giovanna Felluga - Samantha Punis is a communication consultant for firms in this sector. She develops alternative product or concept promotion strategies, conceives and develops exhibitions and specific projects, coordinates press offices on a global scale to provide an integrated communication service in the sector of design, contemporary art, artist design and architecture.

Ilaria Ruggiero

Curator and Cultural Project Manager

Creator of cultural development projects with a mixed know-how and education, both humanistic and managerial, with a focus on economic sustainability of culture. She collaborates with many Companies and Institution as project manager in the field of contemporary art and design. She also

carries out independent research areas such as contemporary jewelry and the applied arts. Among other collaborations: the Venice Biennale, Artissima and the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York.