Light Blowing is a stable format conceived, curated and developed under the creative direction of Ilaria Ruggiero e Samantha Punis presenting the richness and complexity of lighting production in hand blown glass today.

The project aims to be held every year on the occasion of The Venice Glass Week and to be a pivotal moment in the international design scenario for the presentation of unpublished collections, site-specific installation of glass lighting design.

Light Blowing presents both: collections made in Murano through virtuous collaborations between local Masters and international designers, or collections made abroad.

The aim of Light Blowing is to push the boundaries of glass lighting design by encouraging cooperation activities between international designer, local Venetian maestros and companies, acting and serving as a driving force for new ideas and collections.

to allow designers and authors to draw on the heritage of the Murano tradition 

to allow local Venetian Masters to open up to the marketof artistic international design 

to be a driving force for new ideas and collections of hand blown glass lighting production today

to scout and produce the best

collectable lighting design collections